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E520 Hyperion Stereo Audio Effects Processor Final Pre-Order ($659 plus $35USA shipping, $70 foreign).
Shipping in USA: UPS insured, Shipping overseas: DHL insured

This is a limited pre-order of 30 units (20 black, 10 silver) and will end when either sold out, or shipments to dealers degin in mid-Nov.

The E520 Hyperion is a 48HP wide Euro stereo effects processor. Using a 480MHz ARM processor and 64MB of SDRAM, the E520 offers effects in both the time-domain (delays/chorus/flangers/frequency shifters) and the spectral/frequency-domain (chromatic pitch shifting, spectral 'freezing', and others). Each effect has 4 assignable CVs, feedback, wet/dry mixing and a Bypass.

Please read these terms and conditions CAREFULLY before placing your order.

  • The module will ship when the previously ordered modules ship. Estimated shipment will be in late Nov.
  • The shipping name and address on the PayPal form will be used. If you move after the order is placed, or wish a different ship-to location, please email me (link on page)
  • You WILL NOT receive a confirmation email other than the standard PayPal notification.
  • Foreign orders MUST have a phone number for customs. Please be sure your PayPal profile has a phone number BEFORE ORDERING.
  • You are resposible for any duty or VAT, and I will declare $659 value. DO NOT ASK ME to declare a lower value.

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E352 black

E352 (Black Panel version)

Size: 26HP, 37mm (1.46in) depth behind panel.

The currect wait time is stock to 2 weeks.

Black panel version of the E352 Cloud Terrarium, available only from Synthesis Technology. If you prefer a plain aluminum panel, you can purchase through one of our Dealers instead.

$469 plus postage. The postage will be calculated when you put in your address.

Please note: you will receive a single email, from the PayPal site, that your order is accepted.